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Allora Australia is a small company founded with the sole intention to offer the highest quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the public.


We think it is wrong for citizens to make a compromise on their PPE simply because most sellers are taking advantage of the need to sell these products by charging high prices. Understanding this we sought for a manufacture who shares the same intentions as ours. 


After some research we found Xinxiang Yibang Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd. in China who immediately was willing to provide affordable prices. From then on we went through the lengthy procedure to register our medical face masks with the Theraputic Goods Administration in Australia and complete all the necessary processes required to distribute these masks legally. 

Man with Mask


Both our manufacturer and the team at Allora Australia have worked extremely hard to acquire the certifications we are able to offer for our medical face masks. 

We strive for transparency with all our customers so we have no hesitation in showcasing our accreditations.

Below you can find our ARTG certificate and key sections of our laboratory test report for our medical masks.